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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NEW Finished Mural on 6th & Gourmet Alley Gilroy

(Above is a proposal for the 6th stree mural project D.kelly2011)

south bay mural project! created by chaos938 is a program of public art enhancement. We are keeping our eyes on bettering the community by creating affordable public art in the Gilroy Down town area. The program hasn't been developed through the city, but by Artist Dylan Kelly, and the chaos938 muralists, The city of Gilroy has been de-foresting this historic town, destroying historic buildings & selling out to large business.

Needless to say much of the imagery created for these murals are used with the purpose of generating consciousness, awareness and motivation, with native natural imagery combined with colorful street art influences, boldly painting the Downtown with street art.

in progress photo by D.Kelly 2011

completed mural on corner of 6th st. & Gourmet alley Gilroy ca.

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