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South Bay Mural Project



collaborative street art in the south bay, an epic two story mural on a donation basis from artists
Dylan Kelly & luis Rivas. This court ordered mural was a settlement bestowed by the county of santa clara originating from an infraction from trying to create an 'illegal' mural. Most of the paints and resources has been donated much respect and a big thanks to all the players and all the community

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                   the dispatch story on mural:  the gilroy dispatch online article

                        south bay mural project! created by chaos938 a program of public art enhancement, we are keeping our eyes on bettering the community by creating affordable public art in the Gilroy Down town  area. The program hasn't been developed through the city, but by Artist Dylan Kelly, and the chaos938 muralists, The city of Gilroy has been 
deforesting this historic town, destroying historic buildings & selling out to large business.

Needless to say much of the imagery created for these murals are used with the purpose of generating consciousness, awareness and  motivation, with native natural imagery combined with colorful street art influences, boldly painting with spray paint but also keeping a classical esthetic of Beauty. the Downtown with street art.

Mural In gilroy by CHAOS938

this vibrant mural enhances the  town and offers people who live in the area some hope that positive change is happening!

"I have received an overwhelming amount of praise and Kudos while creating this mural, I feel it really has transcended the racial and socioeconomic limitations swarming around this low income neighborhood. The massive parking lot that faces the mural is largely used by the tenants of the apartment complex, homeless, and neighbors surrounding this historic area (in its own right)."

Mural broadway/wayland Gilroy

The unfortunate aspect of this project is that the mural has been discontinued by the owner of the wall, and its threatened by being painted over! Despite the nature of the owners already generous contributions to the city for various art organizations through out the years, its seems very disheartening that the same person who was so liberal, hands off and encouraging creativity has now willing to erase such vibrancy from an already impoverished section of town. Knowing that these folks around here don't get hand outs often, and have to struggle often in this time. the neighborhood, and church have expressed gratitude, and if the owner would like to erase it, at least get the neighbors involved, see that they agree its better than a blank wall frequented by Taggers.

One last opinion i would like to express is that, human evolution is always progressing, new ideas push our understanding and consciousness. Art is not only an intrinsic aspect of human creative evolution, problem solving, and ultimately an expression of personal spirituality.

Expression is a part of the arts, and as much as city's try to subdue visual advancement and dialog, it will always advance as does humanity. 

"The world isn't flat folks, its always turning and changing with the new day, embrace the future of public art!"

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