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New series & Solo Show @ CYKEL in S.F. opens 12/2/2011

Solo Show @ Cykel S.f.

CHAOS938 solo Art Installation at Cykel in San Francisco california

Here is a Preview of the new body of work created by Chaos938 solo show at

This installation is available for viewing through January 31 2012,

'Graffiti Helps' solo show by Dylan Kelly will be up for two Months and we will also feature photos/info on
upcoming current Mural projects!

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                        The complete artist Statement:

     "Graffiti Helps" Art work /Murals of Chaos938 at Cykel SF

“Graffiti Helps” is a testament to the process that artist: Dylan Kelly embarks upon while creating
new artwork. Up to this point Dylan has been creating epic scale murals in the south bay largely
Influenced by aerosol / street art. This particular show of mixed media paintings depicts vibrant
flowers in abstract settings on raw canvas created by using spray paint, & acrylics. The journey of a
muralist is the inspiration for “Graffiti Helps”. Acres of sketches is what it takes to arrive at the
completion of the mural projects and this new installation at Cykel in San Francisco.
Dylan Kelly grew up near the Santa Cruz hills, then moved to San Francisco to study art. During this
last year he moved back to the south bay, bringing with him the art influence of the City. He
Immediately created a street art series by developing inexpensive murals. His process calls for the
use of spray paint and donated house paints, an avant-garde approach to creating murals for the
common working people. It is the Artists intention to Capture the many facets of his murals, fine
art, and graffiti, weaving them all together with this installation of mixed media paintings, drawings,
and photos of recent mural projects.
Q: “What motivates you to paint in an area so far away from the arts epicenters of the central bay
A: Finances basically, however since I grew up in Gilroy I know how dry, and ‘leached’ this town
seems, almost aching for public art, and I believe the color on the walls helps motivate all people
who use the streets, and alleys.
Q: Have you ever been caught while painting non-commissioned “guerilla art”?
A: Yes, actually the mural in back of the 3 story 9-Lives club in Gilroy was a settlement deal with
the court of Santa Clara, this epic mural was our community service penance for the ‘Vandalism’
infraction. The building owner,and the club owner were both very helpful and excited to work with
my self and my protege on this native American themed psychedelic mural.
Q: What inspired the name & theme for this show?
A: I am a firm believer that walls are not owned by property owners but by the folks that have to use
the streets everyday. I also get a great sense of purpose and motivation when I'm creating a mural or
painting on the street, and homeless families thank me for giving them something new and hopeful
to look at.
“When all else fails, when I feel behind the times... Graffiti never ceases to inspire and Help me get
motivated for all the other aspects of artwork, installations and trying to live in this moment.
There are many avenues an artist can take when it comes to creating, and displaying artwork, with
this show ‘Graffiti Helps’ Dylan Kelly conveys the many facets of his fine art, murals, and street art
from this year, under the alias Chaos938.