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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Art Hustle Continues!

Hello i am very excited to inform you about this great show i will be painted live at, sold some hand numbered, signed an original trucker hats, sticker bags, pins and other small pieces of my self in the form of art! The Farmers Block 111 Minna October 3rd 2pm-8pm.

The hats and sticker bags remaining from this event are now being sold at the Metreons new local Art Gallery and Retail space, Brief Space on 4th & Mission, opened, and run by the blest homies at Pacific Art collective, true rockers, keeping it proper.
Check them out them out here!
Below is the painting created during the F.Block event, acrylic on 3'x4' plywood panel titled "Haste no Waste!" Make an offer, its for sale folks!
Stay golden, and spread love!

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