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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Farmers Block and dub mania!

just returned from participating in a great new bi-monthly event at 111 Minna titled the Farmers block.
i really hope you had time to witness the art in the making!
Just to give you a taste, there were buses bumping dubstep on the street all afternoon, you could chill, dance, smoke, listed to irie vibes outside in the ally near 111 minna. I had a live painting set up out there, near this intergalactic dub-bus, and was able to paint this very epic piece. Here is a short video from with a segment on the block!
It is up for sale, *inquire for price
it is titled "Beth" painted live with heavy influence of the dubstep, as you may tell.

At farmers block i had a "psychedelic folk" display and my lovely friend and culinary expressionist, Amanda grayce, and Foundnation had some tasty treats at the booth.

I am selling artwork and originals from all price ranges,
buttons 1$ sticker packs 5$ awesome original handheld paintings 40-50$
Hats 20$, and much more!

I am Raising funds for my painting excursions that will happen this summer, i am painting in several new cities around California and need to stack sum dollars for travel.

Thanks for all the support props and trades!
Let me know if you would like to help out and buy some Original art.

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